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Anti-D Immunisation Reporting

SHOT is conducting a study looking at women who have produced an immune anti-D that is detectable for the first time in the current pregnancy, whether detected at booking, 28 weeks, delivery or at any other time within the pregnancy.

For any women identified, there will be supplementary questions about previous pregnancies, recorded sensitising events, anti-D prophylaxis, and outcome.

It must be emphasised that this questionnaire is NOT for reporting adverse events relating to the requesting, issue and administration of anti-D immunoglobulin, but is to gain a better understanding of the causes of continuing anti-D immunisations.

To report an adverse event related to anti-D please report the incident to SHOT via SABRE in the usual way.

To report a newly detected immune Anti-D, please complete the contact form below to access the questionnaire download page.

New Anti-D Immunisation

  • If this immunisation has occurred as a result of an error or omission of anti-D, please provide the relevant SHOT Report ID
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.