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Alison Watt will be leaving the SHOT Operations Manager post on 31st March 2018

When Alison was appointed to the Operations Manager post in 2011, she and the SHOT Medical Director were based in the London SHOT office, with a requirement to travel regularly to manage staff based in the Manchester SHOT Office. Since then the London office has been closed and the current SHOT Medical Director is Manchester based, but Alison has continued to divide her working time very flexibly between London and Manchester, affording the maximum benefit to SHOT.

Recent changes within NHSBT mean that the SHOT Operations Manager post must be fully located in Manchester. Therefore, Alison and NHSBT had agreed that she will leave SHOT at the end of the financial year.

We would like to acknowledge the tremendous contribution that Alison has made to SHOT over the last 7 years, and in particular the Human Factors research and writing. We anticipate that Alison will continue to be a member of the Working Expert Group as a volunteer to contribute further to the Human Factors work.