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Annual SHOT Symposium

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual SHOT Symposium at the Etihad Stadium on 4th July 2023. We had over 300 delegates and 14 exhibitors attend the event!


The programme included panel discussions, interactive sessions, and key highlights from this year’s Annual SHOT Report from Dr Shruthi Narayan. Our keynote speaker Dr Chris Turner reminded us all of the importance of civility in the workplace, and its impact on patient safety. 


The presentations from the sessions will be available on the SHOT website in the coming weeks.

The posters presented at the symposium can be accessed here



Legends Suite at Etihad stadium



Overview of SHOT Symposium


Insights from blood donor and transfusion recipient



Panel discussion – Patient powered transfusion safety


Meet the Experts session



Rapid Fire Poster session






For all those who attended, please do complete your online feedback survey, it is greatly appreciated.