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New infographic: How information technology systems can support safe practice in anti-D Ig management in pregnancy

Appropriate and timely administration of anti-D Ig post sensitising events and RAADP reduces the risk of development of immune anti-D resulting from pregnancy.

SHOT has been collecting reports of errors involving anti-D Ig since 2011, 4080 cases have been submitted between 2011-2021, accounting for approximately 10% of the total reports submitted to SHOT.

Errors in anti-D Ig management are preventable.

In the 2021 Annual SHOT report it was recommended that we should now be looking to information technology (IT) systems to support safe practice with anti-D Ig management.

An infographic has been created to help organisations identify IT solutions and how they may be used to reduce risks this.

We would like to thank the SHOT Steering Group, and other experts in the field, who have contributed to this document.  You can access this infographic below and on the current resources page of the SHOT website.