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Febrile, Allergic and Hypotensive Reactions (FAHR) Cumulative Data


The reactions assessed are isolated febrile type (not associated with other specific reaction categories), allergic and hypotensive reactions occurring up to 24 hours following a transfusion of blood or components, for which no other obvious cause is evident.

SHOT has collected data on febrile, allergic and hypotensive reactions (FAHR) since 1996. Originally, this category was called acute transfusion reactions (ATR).

Since 2012 SHOT has excluded ‘mild reactions’, and now only collects data on moderate or severe reactions according to the International Society for Blood Transfusion/International Haemovigilance Network (ISBT/IHN) definitions.


Recent Recommendations

  • Give appropriate targeted treatment and if needed, preventative cover for future transfusion
  • Haematology registrars should receive training in classification, appropriate investigation and management of transfusion reactions in the laboratory induction at the start of their programme
  • Action: Hospital transfusion teams, Haematology training programme directors

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