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Patient Information

Welcome to the patient information page! Here you will find resources* for patients, families & carers.

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*Please note these resources are from SHOT, NHS Blood & Transplant, Patient Blood Management, National Blood Transfusion Committee, and the UK and Ireland Blood Transfusion Network.

Making sure you are correctly identified

Do we know who you are?

A leaflet from NHS Blood & Transplant reminding patients to make sure staff know who you are.


Accurate Patient Identification


Ten steps in Transfusion

A graphic from SHOT that shows the ten steps in transfusion, with critical points when ‘positive’ patient identification is essential – that’s when someone should ask you to confirm your identity.

Taking an active role in your transfusion care

Opportunities for patient involvement

A graphic from SHOT that shows the points when you, as a transfusion recipient, can get involved in the process.

Guidance for patient consent for blood transfusion

The United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland Blood Transfusion Network has produced resources to support Consent for Blood Transfusion for both patients and healthcare teams to ensure patients are able to make an informed decision about their transfusion.

Consent for blood transfusion



Guidance for Healthcare Practitioners in the UK


Transfusion information for patients



Risk and benefits of blood transfusion


Aide memoire for patients receiving transfusion support

A 2-page document from SHOT with information on what to expect, and tips to make your transfusion easier and safer. Click on the image below to see the full version.


Haemovigilance – working to ensure blood transfusion safety


Haemovigilance: Vein to Vein

A graphic from SHOT that shows the importance of haemovigilance, which is a set of surveillance procedures covering the entire transfusion chain, from the donation and processing of blood and its components, to their provision and transfusion to patients and their follow-up.


Graham Donald and Charlotte Silver are lay members of the SHOT Steering Group. In these short videos they talk about their roles with SHOT and the key part that patients themselves have to play in transfusion safety

Alternative video format: Graham Donald – Lay Member of SHOT Steering Group (Vimeo)


Alternative video format: Charlotte Silver – Lay Member of SHOT Steering Group (Vimeo)

SHOT Recommendations

Every year SHOT make recommendations to improve transfusion safety. For more information on the latest recommendations click here.

Learn more about blood transfusion

Receiving a blood transfusion

A 7-page leaflet for patients who may need a red cell, platelet or plasma transfusion. This leaflet was prepared by the UK and Ireland Blood Transfusion Network on behalf of the 4 UK Blood Services.

You can find more patient information leaflets from NHS Blood & Transplant at the following link:

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