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To make a new SHOT report, this is done via the MHRA Serious Adverse Blood Reactions and Events (SABRE) reporting system, please click the link below:


After reporting via the SABRE reporting system, you will receive a link to the SHOT database (Dendrite) to complete your incident report.  This link will appear in the ‘SHOT status’ column on your SABRE workspace. There is no longer any direct access to the SHOT database – all access is via SABRE.

For a detailed guide to the changes in the SABRE and SHOT systems, please click here.

To view the full user guide to the combined haemovigilance reporting system (covering SABRE and SHOT (Dendrite)), please click the link below:

Joint UK Haemovigilance User Guide 2017

To view the SHOT Database user guide, please click the link below:

SHOT Database User Guide 2017

For more details on reporting to SHOT and the MHRA, including definitions of what to report, please click the links below

Reporting to SHOT and MHRA

SHOT/MHRA Joint Statement


For more details on the new Anti-D Immunisation study, please click the link below.

Anti-D Immunisation Reporting


Information about SHOT’s Participation Benchmarking data is available on the link below, and registered reporters can log in to view this data.

SHOT Participation Benchmarking