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This is an immediate action for hospitals to ensure that the bedside transfusion checklist is in place, please click the picture below for further details.



This is an example of a checklist that could be used.  SHOT decided not to issue a formal prototype as hospitals already have different ways of providing a checklist. Please click on the checklist picture above to view the image.

Wales Patient Safety Notice – Use a bedside checklist


Resources from the 2016 SHOT Report

Use of SHOT resources:

The downloadable documents are the property of SHOT and have SHOT copyright.  They must therefore NOT BE MODIFIED without permission.
The anti-D checklist may need modification to suit local policies. Please apply to the SHOT office for an editable version.  When any such local revisions are made the revised version of the checklist should also have a footnote stating that it is ‘modified from original’ by date of modification and version number and the local Trust logo.  A copy of the modified version must be returned to SHOT.


To improve the resolution of SHOT figures and teaching slides for PowerPoint slides

  • Enlarge the file size as much as is feasible before using the snapshot tool to select the required part of the slide.  Always include the SHOT copyright banner please.
  • Copy the enlarged figure into a PowerPoint slide and amend the size to fit.
  • Some IT systems may require the file of figures or teaching slides to be saved to a hard drive, before the snapshot tool can be used.

SHOT Bites

General SHOT Resources

SHOT Laboratory Lessons 2013
SHOT Clinical Lessons 2013
SHOT Update 2016 presented at BBTS
General SHOT Leaflet
Root Cause Analysis (pdf)
Meeting Presentations
SHOT Laboratory Reporting Guide
SHOT anti-D Administration Checklist Poster v7 Oct 2012
SHOT anti-D Administration Checklist v12 Oct 2012
SHOT Transfusion Process Checklist May 2012
anti-D Article for Midwives Jan 13
18 Years of SHOT Summary Poster Paula HB Bolton-Maggs, Alison Watt, Debbi Poles
SHOT anti-D poster 2013 Tony Davies, Paula HB Bolton-Maggs, Debbi Poles

Shared Learning Area

The password has been distributed to reporters, but if you require access, please contact the SHOT Office.

Permission has been obtained to share these documents for learning purposes.  The documents are anonymised, but please let us know if you spot anything identifiable.

This area holds examples of documents provided by external colleagues who have authorised the sharing of these for learning purposes. Although not created by SHOT, these documents are covered by the SHOT confidentiality and copyright statements.  Please feel free to send us any similar shared learning for publication in this area.

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UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative Resources

Staffing Capacity Plan- simple template v1.0 draft

UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative Standards (web link)

UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative Survey 2017 – Key Findings

UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative Survey 2015 – Key Findings