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Resources from the 2021 Annual SHOT Report

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Other Current Resources

Wrong Blood In Tube (WBIT) Investigation template

To assist in the investigation of wrong blood in tube (WBIT) events, SHOT have developed a WBIT investigation template. This form includes sections to help identify barriers and human factors (individual task related, equipment, team related, organisational, etc) that may contribute to WBITs. Using this template may help determine causal and contributory factors and improve patient safety by identifying gaps in knowledge and practice.

PSIRF and impact on haemovigilance in England

This document aims to answer questions regarding the recording, reporting and investigation of transfusion related adverse incidents in England following the introduction of PSIRF.

New cell free fetal DNA discrepancy investigation form

The following template has been developed to assist hospital laboratories in investigation where cord D-types are discrepant with D-type predicted by cffDNA screening.