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This 1hr 13min video is a recording of the presentation made by Dr Shruthi Narayan, Medical Director of SHOT, at the IHN-SHOT Symposium 2022.

Alternative video format: Highlights from the 2021 Annual SHOT Report (Vimeo)

Alternative video format: IHN-SHOT Symposium 2022 Highlights (Vimeo)

The 2022 IHN-SHOT Symposium is now over.

The SHOT team would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to all those who attended and supported the symposium either in person or virtual. We hope you enjoyed the experience.

Please note that all those who had registered for the symposium (in person and virtual) will be able to access the recordings from each day for up to 3 months from the event via the virtual portal – please use your unique username and password to login and access these recordings. The link to the virtual portal is provided below:


Here is an illustration summarising the key themes and messages from Day 2 of the symposium (Thursday 7th July 2022)