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SHOT Silver Jubilee – Who’s Who

Over the past 25 years more than 100 people have been employed or volunteered with SHOT, working in the SHOT office team, the writing group, steering group and expert group.

Click on this link to see the names of all these people. If anyone is missed from this list please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can include you.

Many more have supported the work that SHOT does by referencing our work in publications, inviting us to speak at meetings and conferences , joining us in webinar presentations and so much more….

We would like to thank you all – we could not have done this without you!


What SHOT means to YOU!

Scroll through the images below to see what SHOT means to our reporters and collaborators, their thoughts and reflections over the past 25 years.

Julie Staves, Transfusion Laboratory Manager at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Mary P. McNicholl, Haemovigilance Practitioner,Blood Bank,Altnagelvin Hospital,Glenshane Road, Derry (left) and Bronagh O’Neill, Haemovigilance Practitioner (right).


Transfusion Practitioner Team from the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service Transfusion Team Haemovigilance Group (From left to right) Bella Brownhill, Vanessa Rodrigues, April Molloy & Karen Smith)

Rebecca Gerrard: ‘I was the first Transfusion Liaison Nurse appointed by NHSBT in 2003 and was seconded to SHOT for one day a week soon afterwards, to explore how we could use our links with the Transfusion Practitioners to drive forward the safe and appropriate use of blood in hospitals. I really enjoyed my time working with the SHOT team, it was a great opportunity to really make a difference to patient care and this work paved the way for a permanent Transfusion Liaison Practitioner to be part of the SHOT team and the appointment of Tony Davies.’

Tony Davies: ‘I really enjoyed the 8 years I spent working between SHOT and the Patient Blood Management Team and it used every ounce of my experience as a BMS and TP.
The need for multidisciplinary engagement, open and honest dialogue, and seeing beyond pre-conceived ideas and judgements has never been more important in ensuring the best possible patient journey.’


Jan Gorry, Transfusion Practitioner at Aintree University Hospital/Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust