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The SHOT UK Collaborative Reviewing and reforming IT Processes in Transfusion (SCRIPT) group aims to improve transfusion safety through improved IT systems and practices


SHOT Reporters Survey 2020

An online survey was sent to all registered SHOT reporters from November 2020 – February 2021 to begin data gathering from transfusion professionals working in hospitals. Thank you to all who responded. This infographic document provides a summary of the key findings and suggested actions to be taken in future SCRIPT work.

Full details of the questions in the SCRIPT online survey can be seen here, please note that the survey is the property of SHOT and has SHOT copyright.

LIMS Supplier Survey 2021

Responses from the SCRIPT reporters survey in 2020 highlighted several key aspects that users felt were deficient in current laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Using these as a focus, SCRIPT undertook a LIMS supplier survey between September and December 2021 in the form of one-to-one interviews between SCRIPT team members and representatives from each of the ten LIMS providers identified in the user survey. There was 100% response rate from LIMS providers. This information was entered into an online survey from which analysis was undertaken to explore the status of current LIMS. The main findings are outlined in this summary report.


Other Resources

How information technology systems can support safe practice in anti-D Ig management in pregnancy



The initial SCRIPT survey highlighted the need for guidance documents and templates for staff implementing IT systems to support vein-to-vein clinical and laboratory transfusion practice in their organisations. To supplement the UK guidance issued by BSH and other organisations, as well as resources provided by software companies and other system providers, the SCRIPT group have been collating some useful practical resources. These have mainly been developed by individuals and teams to support local IT projects and are provided in the spirit of sharing practice.


Please note that these are working documents shared by reporters and may not cover all aspects of requirements and are not endorsed by regulatory or assessment bodies, and as such are illustrative examples – feel free to use and adapt as appropriate. 


SCRIPT would welcome ideas for future resources and invite contributions from all. If you are interested in contributing your own documents or templates, or if you are interested in sharing your experience for the benefit of others in our transfusion community, please email


We thank everyone who has contributed so far and look forward to hearing your ideas and receiving further resources.


Specification and Validation resources

Transfusion IT related educational resources