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SHOT Working Expert Group

The Working Expert Group

The WEG incorporates the concept of an Expert Panel and all members of WEG will also be members of the Steering Group therefore meeting face to face twice per year at the full Steering Group meeting. In addition the WEG will meet face to face on a further two occasions without the rest of the SG. The WEG will have a teleconference 4/6 weeks before the main SG meeting. The WEG therefore will meet 6 times per year, twice by telecon, twice on their own and twice with the rest of the SG. Minutes of all WEG meetings will be sent to all SG members.

The WEG is responsible for:

  • Analysing the data that have been reported to SHOT and for writing the annual SHOT report.
  • Developing an annual work programme to be approved by the SG based on agreed strategic objectives.
  • Advising the SG on the functionality of the scheme and any new initiatives in development.
  • In addition to the production of the annual data, members of the WEG will, together with members of the SHOT office team, produce papers for publication in scientific journals, on behalf of the SG.
  • The WEG will initiate research, studies and audits alone and in collaboration with other bodies some of which may be task and finish and some of which will be ongoing projects.
  • The WEG will be responsible for ensuring that all data produced by SHOT is published and disseminated appropriately to fulfil the stated purpose of SHOT in improving the safety of the transfusion process and standards of hospital transfusion practice.
  • The WEG will regularly review definitions and questionnaires and submit proposed changes to the Steering Group for endorsement.

The WEG membership will include at least 2 Haematologists with clinical responsibility of transfusion, at least one hospital based Transfusion Scientist and Transfusion Practitioner, a Blood Service Consultant, a representative from UK NEQAS Blood Transfusion Laboratory Practice and a member with expertise in paediatric medicine. It must be ensured that the expertise within the Group covers the main areas of SHOT reporting.

Working Expert Group Members

NameTitleArea of expertise
Dr Shruthi NarayanSHOT Working Expert Group Chair
SHOT Medical Director
Consultant Haematologist NHS Blood and Transplant
Compilation of SHOT Report
Incorrect Blood Component Transfused (IBCT)
Donor Haemovigilance
Transfusion-Associated Dyspnoea (TAD)
Uncommon Complications of Transfusion (UCT)
Dr Peter BakerTransfusion Services Manager
Liverpool Clinical Laboratories
Laboratory Errors
Professor Mark BellamySHOT Steering Group Chair
Past President, Intensive Care Society
Professor of Critical Care, The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Intensive and Critical Care
Dr Andrew BentleyConsultant in Respiratory & ICM, Clinical Lead for Long Term Ventilation Service, Wythenshawe Hospital
Honorary Reader, University of Manchester
Pulmonary Complications
Mrs Caryn Hughes
SHOT Ops ManagerCompilation of SHOT Report
Uncommon and new Complications of Transfusion not fitting
into any of the other categories (UCT)
Dr Paula Bolton-MaggsConsultant Haematologist (retired) and former SHOT Medical DirectorAvoidable, Delayed or Under/Overtransfusion (ADU), and Incidents Related to Prothrombin Complex Concentrates (PCC)
Dr Catherine BoothConsultant Haematologist
NHS Blood and Transplant and Barts Health NHS Trust
Febrile, Allergic and Hypotensive Reactions (FAHR), and Avoidable, Delayed or Under/Overtransfusion
Dr Su BrailsfordConsultant in Epidemiology and Health Protection, NHS Blood and TransplantTransfusion-Transmitted
Infections (TTI)
Mr Simon Carter-GrahamSHOT Clinical Incident SpecialistIncorrect Blood Component Transfused (IBCT)
Avoidable, Delayed or Under/Overtransfusion (ADU), and Incidents Related to Prothrombin Complex Concentrates (PCC)
Mrs Heather ClarkeBlood Bank Laboratory Manager
Derbyshire Pathology, Royal Derby Hospital
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust
Laboratory Errors
Handling and Storage Errors (HSE)
Dr Anicee DanaeeHaematology Consultant
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust
Haemolytic Transfusion Reactions (HTR)
Dr Jeni DaviesTransfusion Laboratory Manager, Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustAdverse Events Related to Anti-D Immunoglobulin (Ig)
Incorrect Blood Component Transfused (IBCT)
Errors related to Information Technology (IT)
Tali YawitchScientist (Epidemiology)
NHSBT/UKHSA Epidemiology Unit
Infections (TTI)
Dr Sharran GreyHaematology Consultant Clinical Scientist
Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Transfusion-Associated Circulatory Overload (TACO)
Dr Heli HarvalaConsultant Medical Virologist and Principal Investigator
NHS Blood and Transplant
Infections (TTI)
Dr Sarah HaynesAutologous Transfusion Lead/Honorary Research Associate
Wythenshawe Hospital
Cell Salvage (CS)
Dr Anne KellyConsultant Paediatric Haematologist, Addenbrookes Hospital
Associate Lecturer, University of Cambridge
Paediatric Cases
Dr Tom LathamConsultant Haematologist
NHS Blood and Transplant
Transfusion-Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI)
Dr Puneet MalhotraConsultant Respiratory Physician
Whiston Hospital, St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Pulmonary Complications
Josephine McCullaghPrincipal Clinical Scientist - Blood Transfusion Clinical LeadAvoidable, Delayed or Under/Overtransfusion (ADU), and Incidents Related to Prothrombin Complex Concentrates (PCC)
Mrs Emma MilserSHOT Haemovigilance/Patient Blood Management SpecialistIncorrect Blood Component Transfused (IBCT)
Human Factors in SHOT Error Incidents
April MolloySNBTS Transfusion team Haemovigilance Group LeadNear Miss - Wrong Blood in Tube (WBIT)
Dr Helen NewConsultant in Paediatric Haematology & Transfusion Medicine
NHS Blood and Transplant
Paediatric Cases
Mrs Terrie PerrySpecialist Transfusion Practitioner
Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Right Blood Right Patient (RBRP)
Ms Debbi PolesSHOT Data ManagerData management and analysis. Compilation of SHOT Report
Mr Chris RobbieMHRA Haemovigilance SpecialistMHRA Report on Blood Safety and Quality Regulations (BSQR)
Dr Susan RobinsonHaematology Consultant Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Lead Consultant Transfusion, Patient Blood Management and Obstetric HaematologyImmune Anti-D in Pregnancy
Dr Megan RowleyConsultant Haematologist, Clinical Lead for the SNBTS Transfusion Team.Errors related to Information Technology (IT)
Dr Joseph SharifConsultant Haematologist, Manchester Royal Infirmary, MFTHaemoglobin Disorders
Mrs Charlotte SilverCommunications Manager, Walsall Housing GroupAcknowledging Continuing Excellence (ACE) in Transfusion
Mrs Nicola SwarbrickSHOT Laboratory Incident SpecialistIncorrect Blood Component Transfused (IBCT)
Right Blood Right Patient (RBRP)
Ms Tracey TomlinsonHead of Laboratory - RCI
NHS Blood and Transplant
Haemolytic Transfusion Reactions (HTR)
Mrs Victoria TuckleySHOT Laboratory Incident SpecialistIncorrect Blood Component Transfused (IBCT)
Right Blood Right Patient (RBRP)
Ms Alison WattHuman Factors expertHuman Factors in SHOT Error Incidents
Vera RosaSHOT Incident Specialist