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Cell Salvage (CS) Cumulative Data


Any adverse events or reactions associated with cell salvage (autologous) transfusion methods,
including intraoperative cell salvage (ICS) and postoperative cell salvage (PCS) (washed or unwashed).

SHOT has collected stand-alone data on autologous transfusions since 2008. Prior to this, reports were included within other categories, for example IBCT or acute reactions. The original reporting category definition included incidents relating to acute normovolaemic haemodilution (ANH) and preoperative autologous donation (PAD) until 2017.

Recent Recommendations

  • Where cell salvage has been planned, teams should ensure the availability of trained staff and adequate resources for the procedure. Review current training needs for all staff involved in the process and address any deskilling by update training
  • Action: Cell salvage leads, theatre leads, anaesthetic and surgical specialty leads
  • Review suitability of cell salvage documentation (paper or electronic) and its appropriate use. Ensure the record of cell salvage is accessible and complete, particularly in relation to communicating pertinent details at handover
  • Action: Cell salvage leads, theatre teams, hospital transfusion teams
  • Establish clear responsibilities and lines of reporting for cell salvage incidents. Review pathways and structure for governance and communicate these processes to all stakeholders
  • Action: Cell salvage leads, theatre leads, HTC, clinical governance leads

Cell Salvage Resources

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